Ozone Kitesurfing Kite Short Leash V2

Ozone Kitesurfing Kite Short Leash V2


Fed up of your oversized leash dangling around and generally getting in the way? Get one of these. If you aren't doing unhooked tricks (and most of us aren't) then this leash or the ION short leash is for you. 

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Ozone Short Kite Leash

  • Stainless Steel Clip

  • Push Away Release

  • Simple Re Load

  • Compact Size

  • Neoprene Clip Cover

  • Designed For Hooked In Riding

  • Approx’ 40cm end to end length

No more kite leash dangling round your knees! These short kites leashes are far superior for 95% of riders who aren't doing unhooked tricks.