Nobile NBL 2017 Kitesurfing Board

Nobile NBL 2017 Kitesurfing Board

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The NBL is the classic, all-round Nobile board, inspired by the most advanced models. It is perfect for honing your skills. It lifts-off gently, carves perfectly and forgives mistakes.

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Nobile NBL 2017 Kitesurfing Board

Nobile NBL Best Quality

The Nobile NBL 2017 has an Elliptical Concave which allows the freedom of manoeuvres and boasts perfect upwind performance, as well as a specially designed Hydrodynamic Rocker which guarantees spectacular pop when it’s time for jumping. The rocker, combined with properly adjusted flex, ensures high comfort and rigidity. The Nobile NBL 2017 is offered in many sizes, giving you the chance to find the board to suit you in any given conditions. Moreover, the strengthened construction guarantees durability, making this board the most popular choice for kiteboarding schools.

For whom?

Entry level freeride board for enthusiasts beginning their kiteboarding adventure. Perfect for schools and as a first board after your kite course.

Nobile IFS Fin System

Main features:

– Early planing
– Comfort and progressive ride
– Forgiving and fun flex pattern
– High durability
– Very easy manoeuvres

Flex (1-10): 7
Rocker line: Flat Hydrodynamic
Bottom construction: Elliptical CONCAVE