Vector Kitelines Quad Pro Kitesurfing Lines

Vector Kitelines Quad Pro Kitesurfing Lines

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Vector kitelines are developed by Vliegerop in The Netherlands, the home of Peter Lynn kites amongst other brands. In the early days Vliegerop supplied all important brands with kitelines, fabric and frames. This was the foundation of their kite materials brands and Vector kitelines is still one of them.

Breaking Strain:
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Vector Kitelines Quad Pro Kitesurfing Lines

The Vector line collection offers a wide choice of Dyneema® line sets for any kiting discipline as well as a variety of bulk line Dyneema® spools . The wide range of ready-to-fly lines in different strengths and lengths ensures the most suitable line, for the best performance and at the best price, for every kite flier.

Line Length

To give you an idea of which line length to select 20m are a slightly shorter line length than the usual supplied as standard on bars, which are usually 23m or 25m. A shorter line makes for a more responsive and tighter turning kite, and shorter lines are also well suited to smaller kite sizes, such as 8m or less. 27 or 30m are a longer line length than is supplied as standard, a longer line length will add power to the kite for the kite size you use as when you move the kite, particularly as you do in light winds, you create a bigger radius or scoop of the kite and thus generate extra power. Longer lines also work well on larger kites, such as 11m or larger, and kitesurf racers tend to favour long lines as they are usually on fairly big kites and for the additional power delivery.

Line Strength

The 500/375 kg breaking strain lines are suitable for four line kitesurfing kites. 500kg is an extra strong breaking strain line for the front lines on your kite for extra peace of mind and reassurance.  The 375/375 kg breaking strain lines are also suitable for four line kitesurfing kites and could be described as the standard strength of line supplied with most kitesurfing bars. So if you are particularly hard on your kite lines, that is they tend to wear out fast, or you are fairly heavy, say more than 85kg, then you might want to go up a breaking strain to the 500/375 kg version.

Main photo: Andy T Lee
Rider: Ben Archer