Nobile NBL 2018 Kitesurfing Board
from 389.00

The NBL is a classic freeride model which lets you enjoy the world of kiteboarding. This board has everything it needs to have - a wood core, solid workmanship and the best construction - while not burning a hole in your pocket. The range of sizes also guarantees plenty of choice for all riders. Enjoy every day on the water with NBL!

Nobile Flying Carpet 2018 Kitesurfing Board
from 569.00

This is the board that proves its worth on low-wind days. While creating it, we had one goal in our minds: it must possess all of the features and performance of a regular twin-tip board.

Nobile T5 2018 Kitesurfing Board
from 489.00

THINK KITEBOARDING. THINK T5 Thanks to its perfect construction and reliability, T5 got into the PRO line. It’s a very light board and its flex has been adjusted to perform well in all conditions. Big air and smooth landing becomes easy.

Pads and Straps:
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Nobile NHP 2016 Kitesurfing Board 130 X 39
405.00 519.00

*PRICE DROP*. Just the 130 X 39 Size Left. NHP (Nobile High Performance) has been a Nobile bestseller for more than ten years and is one of the most popular boards on the planet. For the 2016 collection we present another updated version of this model. The new shape confirms the NHP’s domination among riders who value top performance. Explosive, perfectly precise and comfortable – this board gives satisfaction in all conditions, regardless of your style.

Nobile Skimboard 2018

SKATEY FEELING ON WATER No other board will give you as much fun when practicing skateboard-like tricks on the water. When the windstops blowing and you still want to play, this board is the perfect solution.

Nobile 50 Fifty 2018 Kitesurfing Board
from 579.00

The Nobile 50 Fifty board has been chosen by our pro-team, as well as many other professional competitors who push the limits in kiteboarding. The APS 3D technology gives you an insanely stable ride, even at high speed, and these are the features you need the most in the middle of the action. Plus the Nobile 50 Fifty has unbeatable pop and control during landing after extreme manoeuvres. Lace yourself up tighter and get ready for action!

Nobile NHP Women 2018 Kitesurfing Board
from 569.00

Nobile NHP WMN 2018 Kiteboard: For advanced female riders looking for an exceptional, big air, freestyle board without compromising on comfort and upwind performance. Designed to ride with straps.