Flexifoil Shiva 3D 9.0m Second Hand

Flexifoil Shiva 3D 9.0m Second Hand

from 250.00

It is a result of months of work by our design team, and we believe it is the most advanced hybrid design on the market this season. The kite offers unparalleled ease of use, effortless relaunch, incredible turning speed and windrange, as well as legendary Flexifoil build quality.

Bar and Lines:
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This 9.0m Flexifoil Shiva has two patch repairs and one repair to the dump valve. All in excellent working though. Also available with a Flexifoil Control Bar for an extra £150.00.

Flexifoil Shiva 3D 2015

The Shiva has light bar pressure, which takes the work out of riding, but still gives you amazing feedback through the bar. It’s super stable qualities and user friendliness let you concentrate on your riding and push your limits on the water.

The kite has good lift which freeriders and freestylers will love, but maintains all of the characteristics necessary to make it great for wave riding. We have worked hard to make the kites turn very quickly for their size, which is essential to good waveriding performance, and given the Shiva an amazing amount of depower which keeps you in control as you are flying down the wave.

The profile of our hybrid design allows the kite to drift downwind when you turn towards it, and delivers smooth, predictable power during smooth loops down the line.

If you are into wave riding or perhaps looking to get into kitesurfing then this is the kite for you.

The KiTE, SURF & SUP Co. test the Flexifoil Shiva 2014 (unchanged shape for 2015):

The Flexifoil Shiva was released in 2014 by Flexifoil and they are awesome kites! It was developed in the Canary Islands, primarily for use in waves, but the qualities that make it amazing in waves are also what I would say 90% of riders also want from a kite i.e. it is super easy and fast to relaunch, stable in the air, predictable, turns fast and easily and is bomb proof in construction. I have a whole quiver of these kites and I love them, and I am only changing them to get next years 2015 kites which are coming out in a slightly different colour way.

The 13.0m does not really feel as big as a 13.0m, it feels more like an 11.0m, therefore I would say this is a great kite for a bigger person, that wants the pull from a 13.0m but the agility of an 11.0m and the fact that you can hold it down (I'm only 65kg) when the wind picks up.

The 9.0m is my favourite size kite out of the quiver of Shivas this year. It's just an incredibly well balanced, responsive kite, and it boosts really high when you send it to jump! So this kite is certainly not just for wave riding, it is a relevant kite for most riders, believe me you will love it!

The 7.0m Shiva is awesome in strong winds, it's quite a fast kite, but super super stable in those gusty strong winds we usually get in the UK.

The Flexifoil Sky bar and lines works perfectly with these kites and offers a nice simple clean set up and a huge range of depower on the depower strap which makes it incredibly safe to go kiting with, because if a squall comes through you just pull the depower in and lose lots of power on the kite, far more than any other bar I have ever used. So great for beginners and great for safety.

The build quality of Flexifoils is legendary. Reinforcement in all the right places, these kites last for years and years. Yes Hadlow has left the team, but make no mistake Flexifoil are still committed to the kitesurfing market, and when they keep coming up with gems like this that is a very good thing for the average kiter! .