2018 Fanatic Fly Air L Inflatable SUP Board

2018 Fanatic Fly Air L Inflatable SUP Board

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Coming in a fresh look for the new season, the Fly Air L & XL is equipped with new soft carrying handles in multiple spots for easy carrying and holding on when going down a wave. Easy to inflate, stiff and stable, they come with 1 or 2 Fanatic Power Pumps HP2, and deflate quickly rolling up into a compact size for easy transportation. Made of strong and durable HD 200 technology, the Fly Air L & XL are just perfect for a bigger group of friends, paddle groups or school classes to have fun on. Touring, racing or surfing the wave, these are the ideal fun boards for more people!
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2018 Fanatic Fly Air L

  • Extra strong HD 200 technology
  • L supplied with 1 Fanatic Power Pumps HP2
  • Multiple soft and comfortable handles for easy transport / holding on
  • Stiff and stable in all water conditions
  • Stainless steel D-ring attachments
  • HD Mini glued Quad Fin setup and removable Center fin (Fly Air L only) – made with shallow waters in mind
  • Deflates quickly, rolls up easily
  • Easy transport and storage in the specially designed big bags


For our large models carrying a group of people we’re using our special extra thick and extra durable Single Skin HD technology, with new ultra strong double layer bottom (Fly Air L and XL). With additional layers on the rail plus stabilizing rail bands for extra stiffness, our oversized special models are of similar rigidly as our smaller Premium iSUPs, while carrying multiple riders.


FLY AIR L 17' X 60"


1330 l


60" / 152.4 cm


17'0" / 518.2 cm


8" / 20 cm


25 kg


4 x Rapid HD 7cm, Glued / 1x Fly 19.5cm, US-Box


Specially designed big bag