2018 Fanatic Fly Air FIT

2018 Fanatic Fly Air FIT

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Our Fly Air Fit offers the ultimate balancing platform for a full body workout to increase strength, core stability and coordination. If it’s yoga, press-ups, squats or paddle training, each and every one of your muscles will be engaged. Power and confidence will progress quicker than through any traditional fitness methods – not to mention the added benefits and stress-busting sensations of being out there in the nature. The stretched outline offers great all-round paddling characteristics with superb glide and immense stability for first time paddlers.

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2018 Fanatic Fly Air FIT 

With its fully loaded volume, the Fly Air Fit is specially designed to keep you up and dry during your practice. The fresh new 2018 optics are neatly integrated in the huge comfortable deck pad. Stay together and connect to your training mates through multiple eyelets, or attach your board to our complimentary Fly Air Fit Platform, which takes up to eight boards.

Key Features

  • All-round style and shape for good glide
  • Great for all skill levels and water conditions
  • Extra large dimensions for an uninterrupted workout
  • Lightweight Stringer technology
  • Removable fin, no tools needed
  • Multiple high quality eyelets to attach your board
  • Large deck pad for ultimate grip and comfort
  • Convenient handles for carrying and the use of power bands
  • Premium Wheely Backpack for effortless packing / transportation
  • Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for fast and comfortable inflation
  • Special straps / deck net for storing your paddle during workouts
Fanatic Fly Air Fit Specifications

Fanatic Fly Air Fit Specifications


Utilising the best Drop Stitch material available on the market, our Stringer technology provides an outstanding durability / weight / price / performance ratio with its centre stinger keeping the shape strong and stiff, while reducing weight and price at the same time.


Light all-in-one Backpack with padded shoulder straps and storage pocket for board incl all accessories.

Power Pump HP2 - Double Action Pump for fast and easy inflation

Fanatic SUP Premium Back Pack and Power Pump HP2

Fanatic SUP Premium Back Pack and Power Pump HP2



For top quality and value for money, the standard Aluminium paddle is the answer. Our latest version is about 200g lighter than it’s predecessor, making it easy to handle for first timers. The new highly durable plastic blade will withstand the daily hits from the unavoidable learning curve. The adjustable range of 165 – 220 cm ensures everyone – no matter his / her size – is able to have a go. The removable foam collar gives the paddle buoyancy. Available also in a transport friendly 3-piece version.* *Dont leave your Alu paddle float, it may sink even with foam collar!