2019 Fanatic Strike BXF Hard Board

2019 Fanatic Strike BXF Hard Board


Redesigned for 2019, the Strike is our out-and-out speed machine. Quite simply the fastest board you can put your feet on! Its unique shape defies convention, delivering the stability of a wider board with the efficiency of a much narrower one. Everything about this design is feature packed for speed and efficiency. The forward rake in the nose cuts a sleek line through the water and ensures that all 14 of the Strikes length is put to good use. Plenty of volume up front ensures that the nose rides high for speed and control. The bottom shape is where much of the Strikes magic happens. Starting out with a double concave at the bow to deliver a smooth, efficient glide, the hull soon blends into a deep monoconcave for tracking and stability, designed to keep the rider fresh and fast mile after mile. The wider tail profile of the Strike further boosts stability, whilst plenty of tuck delivers manoeuvrability when required. The recessed deck is another new feature for 2019 enhancing both the stability and efficiency of the Strike. The 14 long Strike is offered in two sizes with widths of 21.5 and 25. The 21.5 is the goto race board for the super competitive SUP racer. Nothing paddles quicker over flatwater, and yet the Strike 21.5 still retains enough stability for chop and messy water conditions in experienced hands. The 25 is the first choice for riders over 85 kg and for all-round racing on flatwater, combined with a few open ocean races.

Product Code: 13900-1125

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For ultimate pace and flatwater competitions the Strike sits at the top of the podium. The Blitz is a new addition to the 2019 range designed for all-round race performance and to blitz away the competition! The Falcon is our predator for downwind races - nothing surfs quicker and in more control!

Fanatic Strike BXF 2019


A narrow board with the stability of a wider board

Remains user friendly even when conditions deteriorate

Feels extremely efficient with very low resistance when paddling

Forward raked nose increases the effective waterline length and results in improved paddling efficiency

Increased volume in the nose and tail area reduce pitching and keep the board flat when sprinting

Tuck in the tail area boosts steering and manoeuvrability

Recessed deck keeps the riders weight low and improves stability


STRIKE BXF 14'0"X25"


295 l


25” / 63.5 cm


14'0” / 426.7 cm


12.65 kg


US Box / SUP Race M 19.5 cm

Recommended User Weight 50-80 kg

Mastfoot Insert - No

Article Number


Reduced recess at the tail allows more stability for the rider in pivot turns

High side walls stop water collecting whilst paddling

Forward and rearward leash options

Three carrying handle options for all eventualities and preferences

Pigmented resin prevents paint scratches

Equipped with a specially designed RTM race fin for premium race performance

Offered in two sizes, 21.5” & 25” wide

Comes in high end Custom Carbon Sandwich Light Finish or BXF technology



When combined with the Sandwich construction, this high quality Full Biax Glass and full PVC specification provides an optimized weight / stiffness / flex ratio.


- Absorbs force from impact extremely well due to 45 / 45 degree weave, and achieves maximum strength via an extra layer of fibres on top with a 90 degree weave
- Light and durable
- Full PVC construction
- Biax Glass T-Stringer for maximum stiffness
- Light weight finish


19.5 cm RTM Race Fin (US Box)