Zero to Hero - Level 1, 2, 3, Progression Kitesurfing Course, Near Brighton

Zero to Hero - Level 1, 2, 3, Progression Kitesurfing Course, Near Brighton


Buy the full monty in one hit!  This course is designed to get you from a complete beginner to safely kitesurfing on your own. We teach on Worthing seafront, on the Sussex Coast, close to Brighton and just an hour from London.  The conditions here are perfect for both beginner and progression lessons with shallow, flat water and frequent cross onshore winds.

The course includes 7.5 hours of 1:1 Lessons with all the equipment and wetsuit provided for just £409 (that’s less than £55 per hour!). You just need to bring yourself! Save more than £40 on 1:1 lessons compared to booking and paying for the lessons separately. We teach using the latest equipment available and we use radios attached to your helmet, so your instructor can talk to you at all times!

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Zero to Hero - Level 1, 2, 3 & Progression Kitesurfing Course

The Zero to Hero learn to kitesurf course includes all four lessons as below. We will do our best to make sure you get the lessons as close together as possible, your schedule and kitesurfing conditions permitting. We find having your lessons close together is the most effective way to learn kitesurfing. For example in an ideal world if there was a good forecast one week and we can fit all your lessons in to one week, then we will and you'll be ready to go practice kitesurfing on your own by the end of it. The more availability you have, the faster you will learn.  Completing your course only at weekends will always take longer than if you have the flexibility of being available 7 days a week. 1:1 Zero to Hero courses for people available 7 days a week usually take 2 to 4 weeks to complete and for those available only on weekends it usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete. 

All equipment, wetsuits, boots or shoes and protective gear is provided. However it's always more pleasant and comfortable to wear your own wetsuit if you own one, or if you feel like treating yourself to one have a look HERE. It's also a great idea to get yourself a trainer kite to practice on before your lessons, and inbetween lessons, you'll get better value for your time in your lessons if you have already mastered some basic kite flying skills. Have a look at our selection of trainer kites HERE. 

Level 1 'Learn to Kitesurf' Kitesurfing Lesson

In lesson one we introduce you to kites. You will learn the basics of flying a land kite on land and start your learn to kitesurf learning curve! This lesson includes: how to control the kite, how to generate power and how to launch and land the kite safely. We then move on to setting up a water kite, how to handle a water kite on the beach and how to release the safety systems on a water kite. Part of the British Kitesports Association Scheme for learning to kitesurf Level 1 - Part 1 - Basic Kite Handling.

Lesson Duration:

Level 1 Lesson - 1:1 - 1 1/2 hours

Level 2 Kitesurfing Lesson

You will learn how to control the kite and how to generate power with the kite, to water re launch the kite, how to move yourself through the water using the kite (body drag), and finally how to pack the kite down safely in the water should things not go to plan. You should complete lesson one before taking lesson two, unless you have recent experience of flying power kites. Part of the British Kitesports Association scheme Level 1 - Part 2 - Water Based Flying, Part 3 - Bringing on the Power and Basic Body Dragging and Part 4 - Directional and Upwind Body Dragging.

Lesson Duration:

Level 2 Lesson - 1:1 - 2 hours

Level 3 Kitesurfing Lesson

You will begin by learning how to control the kite and put the board onto your feet in the water, how to maintain your start position with the board on your feet and finally how to do your first board starts by diving the kite to generate enough power to pull you up onto the board. Part of the British Kitesports Association scheme Level 2 - Part 1 - Introduction to Boards and Board Start Technique and Part 2 - First Board Starts. 

Lesson Duration:

Level 3 Lesson - 1:1 - 2 hours

Progression Kitesurfing Lesson

You might want to learn how to stay up riding on the board for longer, how to maintain an edge, how to ride amongst other kiters and how to change direction. Part of the British Kitesports Association scheme Part 3 - First Rides Including Prolonged Power Delivery and Part 4 - Independent Kitesurfing - surfing with others.

Lesson Duration:

Progression Lesson - 1:1 - 2 hours