Kitesurfing Safety Session - Land Based

Kitesurfing Safety Session - Land Based


A kitesurfing safety session to check your equipment is functioning correctly and to revise or learn the Deep Water Pack Down. Taught by qualified and experienced kitesurfing instructors.

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This session takes place entirely on the beach. We will re cap (or teach you) how to check your equipment is working correctly, in particular that your kitesurfing bar will quick release when you activate the chicken loop release and flag out correctly to depower the kite. We will then run through the Deep Water Pack down theory, give a demonstration of the Deep Water Pack Down and then you will practice it yourself with your equipment on the beach. This session would be great for you if want to revise your Deep Water Pack Down, or maybe you have had a break from kitesurfing and want to check your kit over with the help of an instructor. 


Equipment Check: Bring your own equipment and have the safety systems and condition checked by the instructor (1 Kite, 1 Bar, 1 Board)


Deep Water Pack Down: Theory, demonstration and rehearsal