Ozone Enduro V2 Taster Video

We love the Enduro, it has to be the one of the best go-to kites on the market and it just got better! Over the last two seasons we have refined the design into a sensational all-round package. The versatility is something best experienced for yourself - any style, any conditions, with the Enduro V2 you will be ripping! 

25% Remaining Enduro V1 all sizes while stocks last. 

Access Adventures Adaptive Kite Camp, Keros, Greece 16 - 23rd August 2017

I was very privileged to be invited to assist on the Access Adventures Adaptive Kite Camp last week. There were seven participants, Lou, Allison, Ben, Robbert, Andy, Nev and Zuzana, four volunteers, myself, Steve, John and Kate, and three Access Adventures staff, Clare, Jane and Tim, on the trip. Surf Club Keros have experience teaching adaptive kitesurfing and the facilities and equipment and instructors are ready and able to meet this challenge. 

Over the seven day camp, on four days we had enough wind to teach kitesurfing, so pretty good stats and that enabled some impressive progression by the participants, who all reached body dragging at least in their journeys to become kitesurfers. 

Participants go through the usual stages of learning to kitesurf, Level 1 - flying a power kite on the beach, Level 2 - adapted learning to fly the kitesurf kite sat on an inflatable sofa in the water, followed by body dragging in the usual way, perhaps with additional personal buoyancy to help with body position in the water, Level 3 - kitesurfing on the board, using an adapted kitesurf board, with a frame to sit in, the chicken loop attaches to the front of the frame and then the kite is steered in the usual way. 

Surf Club Keros and the accommodation, which was large glamping style tents, with a private shower room and loo, and the food, fantastic spread of freshly prepared buffet style breakfast and dinner, and salads and sandwiches at the beach, is highly recommended. The best time to travel there for wind is July and August. The school has an extensive selection of RRD kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP equipment and trained friendly instructors for all sports. 

What the participants go through on a daily basis to live with their injuries is both amazing and humbling. I learnt so much about the participants and participating in adaptive sports over the course of this week and I will never forget it. 

Some photos of the week are below. 

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Surf Club Keros, Limnos, Greece:


Surf Club Keros Tent Accommodation

Surf Club Keros Tent Accommodation

Travelling To The Beach - Day 1 - Jane and Robbert

Travelling To The Beach - Day 1 - Jane and Robbert

Surf Club Keros Head Instructor, Coulis, Giving The Briefing - Day 1

Surf Club Keros Head Instructor, Coulis, Giving The Briefing - Day 1

Everyone Out On The Water

Everyone Out On The Water

Lou Flying The Power Kite - Level 1

Lou Flying The Power Kite - Level 1

Andy, Lou (instructor) and Robbert - Level 1

Andy, Lou (instructor) and Robbert - Level 1

Sunset Paddle - Day 2

Sunset Paddle - Day 2

Allison and Fossi (instructor) Entering The Water

Allison and Fossi (instructor) Entering The Water

Allison and Fossi Body Dragging

Allison and Fossi Body Dragging

Nev, Coulis (instructor), Zuzana Piloting The Kite From The Inflatable Sofa

Nev, Coulis (instructor), Zuzana Piloting The Kite From The Inflatable Sofa

Nev, Coulis (instructor), Zuzana Piloting The Kite From Inflatable Couch

Nev, Coulis (instructor), Zuzana Piloting The Kite From Inflatable Couch

Lou and Fossi Entering The Water

Lou and Fossi Entering The Water

The KiTE, SURF & SUP Co. Safety Tips

Kitesurfing is potentially a dangerous sport. Follow our safety tips to keep yourself and others around you safe whilst learning and progressing at kitesurfing:

1. Take a course of lessons to learn kitesurfing at a BKSA recognised kite school. Ask your instructor for advice on what equipment will be suitable for you to purchase to learn and progress on. 

BKSA Kite Schools in the Brighton and Worthing area are, from West to East:

Learn to Kitesurf, Goring

The KiTE, SURF & SUP Co. School, Worthing

Brighton Kitesurf and SUP Academy, Lancing

BN1 Kitesurfing, Lancing

British Kitesports Kite School Brighton to Worthing

British Kitesports Kite School Brighton to Worthing

2. Wear a Helmet

3. Only kite in side shore, cross on shore or on shore winds (dead onshore being the least preferable as you will end up back on the beach very quickly) and be careful about the strength of wind that you are going kitesurfing in. When you have only just completed your kitesurfing course you are a bit like a 'P' plate driver who has just passed their driving test, you need to get some hours and practice under your belt before attempting to go kitesurfing in stronger winds. Stick to light to medium winds until you feel more confident, 12 - 20 knots is perfect. 

4. Use a kite size that is suitable for your weight and the wind strength. This is very important. It is dangerous to launch a kite that is too big for the wind conditions and you could seriously injure yourself if you do that. Look at real time readings at live weather stations such as Windguru Lancing Sailing Club and Worthing Pier Observatory

Forecasts are helpful, but you should always establish what strength the wind is actually blowing before going out. Speak to other kitesurfers at the beach and check what size kites they are on. Our favourite forecast websites are: Windguru Worthing and Met Office Worthing (Beach)

5. Launch your kite at the edge of the wind window and always choose to launch the kite on the water side of the wind window. If you don't know what this means, take some lessons, you need to be clear on this!

6. Do not launch your kite between wooden groynes or rock groynes, or close to any down wind object. You should be two kite lines length away from any down wind object. The reason for this is down wind objects are what are going to cause you serious injury if you lose control of your kite during the launch and get pulled down wind. The more distance you have down wind if your kite launch does go wrong, before hitting a solid object, the more chance you have of getting your hand on to the safety system and releasing it before getting dragged in to a solid object and getting injured. 

7. Check that your chicken loop safety release works before every session. Release it and then re load it before each session. Also generally keep an eye on your kite and kite lines for signs of wear and tear. Replace worn kites lines or have repaired worn or damaged areas on your kite. 

8. Kite in the window 3 hours before to 3 hours after low tide. This applies to most south coast beaches such as Shoreham, Lancing and East Worthing. 

Here is a helpful Worthing Beach tide timetable

9. Kite at a beach where there are other kitesurfers kiting. Also set up next to the other kite surfers that are kiting, so that there are more people around to help you launch and then land your kite. There really is safety in numbers, especially for launching and landing, in kitesurfing. 

10. Learn your right of way rules. And generally give other kite surfers plenty of space on the water, that means leave lots of space down wind of you to the next kite.  If you are upwind of another kite think 'Could my kite strike that kite or person below me?' and if so move and create space downwind of you, likewise stay out of the 'strike zone' when you are downwind of another persons kite, if their kite could hit you if they crashed it then you are too close. Crossed kite lines caused by kite crashes are dangerous and not fun. Here are the essential rules:

Right hand forward (Starboard tack) has right of way over left hand forward (Port tack)

Upwind board gives way to downwind board (on the same tack)

Over taking board keeps clear of the board they are over taking (on the same tack)

A kitesurfer recovering in the water (i.e. not travelling on their board) has right of way over a kitesurfer travelling along on their board. 

Avoid a collision at all costs!

Get Kitesurfing Newsletter 11


Get Kitesurfing Newsletter 11
Wow, what a cracking summer we have been having so far for both sunshine and wind! We have a few of bits of news. We have a new instructor called Giorgio working with us this summer. He has five years of teaching experience and has already been receiving fantastic feedback. We've also put together in conjunction with the Ozone distributor an unbeatable price on a new Ozone Catalyst V1 and Axis Liberty board package. This is a great combo for continuing to progress after your lessons. Below see other used kite equipment, all suitable for learning and progressing. 


Upcoming Kite Lessons
Friday 21st July - 1.00 - 3.00pm - 2 hours 1:1

Saturday 22nd July - 1.30pm - 3 hours Group
Saturday 22nd July - 5.00pm - 2 hours 1:1

Sunday 23rd July - 2.30pm - 3 hours Group
Sunday 23rd July - 6.00pm - 2 hours 1:1

Monday 24th July - 4.00pm - 3 hours Group or 2 hours 1:1

Saturday 29th July - 7.00am - 3 hours Group
Saturday 29th July - 10.30am - 2 hours 1:1

Sunday 30th July - 7.30am - 3 hours Group
Sunday 30th July - 11.00am - 2 hours 1:1

If you can't see a date and time you are looking for please do Email me: or text 07598 668574. You can also book online via the button below. 

Book Lessons Online
This is Giorgio!

New Season Rental

If you are comfortably riding, starting to stay upwind and can launch and land your kite confidently and safely then we will rent you a complete set of kitesurfing equipment at £40.00/hour. Just the kite is £30.00/hour. Just the board £10.00/hour. Just the wetsuit, harness, helmet, boots, float coat £10.00/hour. Conditions apply. 

This is what our van looks like! Easy to spot at the beach. 
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Ozone UK Kite Schools – The Kite, Surf & SUP Co.



Full article original HERE

09 Mar

Christine is a former World Champion Formula windsurf racer and Olympian who turned to kitesurfing, and then kitesurf teaching. She has been kiting for 10 years and an instructor since 2012. She has amassed hundreds of hours of teaching since then. The Kite, Surf & SUP Co was set up after returning from travelling and teaching abroad. They are based in Hove and teach in Worthing, East Sussex, where Christine is also an active part of the local Lancing Kitesurf Club – acting as their race director, using her race experience from the windsurfing days.

The lessons use up to date Ozone kites and are limited to small groups of 3 students per instructor in the water. This ensures great quality lessons where the pupils have the best chance of advancing to become independent kitesurfers. 

Q & A

How did you get into kitesurfing?

I was formerly a windsurfer (that’s a bit of understatement, I used to represent Great Britain at windsurfing, attended the 2000 Olympics and was World Champion in 2003) and I live in Brighton and about 10-11 years ago I started to see people kitesurfing and I just thought it looked really cool. Also I figured since the kite was above your head then jumping must be pretty epic and relatively easy to achieve :-). Then my gran passed away and she left me some money and I spent some of it on taking a course of 10 hours of 1:1 kitesurfing lessons, then I started teaching my friends repeating the instructions that instructor had given me, then I decided to train to be a British Kitesports kitesurf instructor and I haven’t look back. I absolutely love it!

What are your plans for 2017?

More of the same really. We’re hoping to have another busy season like last season, it runs from March to October. I’m always thinking about how we could do things differently to make things better. For example I brought the idea of attaching radios to helmets back from South Africa, and this really makes a huge difference to teaching people to kitesurfing, I saw it myself in South Africa when I first started using them to teach, it probably improves the efficiency and speed of learning by 30-40% and it’s safer and more effective than not having radio communication. 

I’m going down to Poole Harbour in April to revalidate my British Kitesports Senior instructor certificate. 

We’re supporting the Armada Youth Tour at Lancing with instruction for 12-18 year olds at the end of May. 

What do you like about Ozone?

Their kites! They just fly really well and they are exceptionally well made and the back up from Maxtrack is second to none. The different models have different characteristics, a few are suitable to teach on, but the Catalyst V1 is the first choice to teach on cause it’s so easy to water relaunch, it’s predictable and quite slow in flight and it has a thick leading edge, so you don’t have to give it too much pressure to get the kite stiff (therefore if the student happens to crash it, it is less likely to blow the bladder). I also like to teach on the Enduro and the Reo, depending on the student. The Reo is quite fast, but this can be good for a student with power kite flying experience or who picks the skills up quickly because they see how their input on the bar almost immediately translates in to the direction the kite is steering, basically it’s very responsive, you steer left it goes left right away, this has it’s downside if they pull too hard too long on one side of the bar though, with a small size kite it’s easy to send it in to a kite loop if you aren’t careful!

What sets you apart from other kite schools?  

We’re always pushing to be the best we can be. We have all the right boxes ticked like being a British Kitesports Accredited School, holding full third party liability and indemnity insurance, operating at our location with the permission of Worthing Council, but further than that we’re still excited to be teaching kitesurfing, we’re genuinely passionate about people getting in to this fantastic sport and becoming regular participants, plus you won’t find any frustrated kitesurfers instructing for us i.e. they’d rather be riding than teaching, all our instructors genuinely love teaching kitesurfing!

Find out more about The Kite, Surf & SUP Co.


Get Kitesurfing Newsletter - New Season Starts 1st March

Some younger students (in warmer climes) check out the the Ozone Uno kite!

New Season Kitesurf Lessons

The new season is upon us. If you bought kitesurf vouchers over the winter please get in touch to book in. The wind forecast is looking great this week! Here is our availability for lessons:


Tuesday 28th 6.30am - 1:1 - 2 Hours - £120.00


Wednesday 1st 6.30am - 1:1 - 2 Hours - £120.00

Thursday 2nd 6.30am - 1:1 - 2 Hours - £120.00

Friday 3rd 7.00am - 1:1 - 2 Hours - £120.00

Sunday 5th - 6.30am - Level 2 Group Lesson - £90.00

Sunday 5th - 10.00am 1:1 - 2 Hours - £120.00

Email me: or text 07598 668574 to book in or you can book Group Lessons via the button below. 

New Season Rental

If you are comfortably riding, starting to stay upwind and can launch and land your kite confidently and safely then we will rent you a complete set of kitesurfing equipment at £40.00/hour. Just the kite is £30.00/hour. Just the board £10.00/hour. Just the wetsuit, harness, helmet, boots, float coat £10.00/hour. Conditions apply. 

Book Lessons Online
The new Peter Lynn Skim Water Relaunchable Trainer Kite, great to practice your body dragging in between lessons! From £189.00

Suggested Rider Sizes:
2.8m - 60kg or less - £189.00
3.4m - 60 - 75kg - £209.00 
4.0m - 75kg or more - £239.00
Mystic Voltage Neoprene Hoody Top

Try adding this extra layer to your kitesurfing attire for extra warmth this Spring. There is a hole for your harness hook so you can ride in it too - £88.50. 
This is what our van looks like! Easy to spot at the beach. 
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WMFG 1.0T Premium Tall Kite Pump Orders Hit Record Levels!

WMFG 1.0T Premium Tall Kite Pump Orders Ready to Be Sent Out

WMFG 1.0T Premium Tall Kite Pump Orders Ready to Be Sent Out

What do you call a group of WMFG 1.0T Premium Tall Kite Pumps? A gaggle?

These are all the kite pumps we sold last weekend, word seems to be spreading about how much better these pumps are than the old standard pumps! When you try one you'll buy one, and when you've bought one you won't go back to using the old standard size pump. Our price is the lowest in the UK including postage, so go ahead order yours now and join the kite pump revolution. 

British Kitesports Recognised School Status Given

British Kitesports Recognised School Logo

British Kitesports Recognised School Logo

Breaking News - The KiTE, SURF & SUP Co., Worthing has just been approved by British Kitesports inspector Jon Metcalfe as British Kitesports Recognised School. In our opinion this is the gold standard for kitesurfing schools world wide. We are proud and happy to join, at the time of writing, just 35 other British Kitesports Recognised Schools nation wide. On the stretch of coast between Brighton and Goring we join the only two other British Kitesports Recognised Schools, Brighton Kitesurf and SUP Academy and BN1 Kitesurfing, both at Lancing Beach.

Ruben Lenten Gets All Clear From Cancer

Holy shit! I am cancer free!!! Soooo unbelievably happy, stoked and in a sort of shock. First of all THANK YOU so so...

Posted by Ruben Lenten on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The KiTE, SURF & SUP Co. Become Progression Partner School

Progression - Waterstart - Kitesurfing Top Tips

We're pleased to announce we've been working with Progression on the Progression Partner School Programme and are one of the first schools selected to join their new Progression Partner School Programme. Progression have been producing fantastic kitesurfing instructional videos for 12 years. They are a fantastic learning tool, whatever level you have reached from absolute beginner to complete rock star. New students will have access to one free Progression instructional video redeemable via a voucher code. Click on the logo above for further info' about the Programme. 

End of Season Sale

All prices plus postage, or pick up from Brighton area.





10.0m Ozone Reo V3 2016 Green/Yellow - used once - £755.00 - RRP £889.00

9.0m Flexifoil Shiva - as new - £350.00

9.0m Flexifoil Shiva - excellent - £325.00

8.0m Ozone Catalyst 2015 Blue - as new - £529.00 - RRP £744.00

7.0m Flexifoil Shiva - excellent - £325.00

7.0m Ozone Reo V3 2016 Green/Yellow - as new, except professional repair to one line on bridle on one side - £559.00 - RRP £699.00

5.5m Flexifoil Shiva - very good - had a professional repair to one pump system on one strut - £325.00


For intermediate and above riders:


8.0m Flexifoil Hadlow ID - very good condition - £245.00

10.0m Flexifoil Hadlow ID - good condition - £255.00

12.0m Flexifoil Hadlow ID - good condition - except strut protector patch is coming away on one strut - does not affect how kite flies - £295.00


Bar and Lines


50m Ozone Contact Bar 2015 - as new - with Vector 500/375kg 25m lines - £229.00

50m Ozone Contact Bar 2015 - as new - with 23m lines - £229.99 - RRP £315.00

48cm Flexifoil Sky Bar - as new - with 24m industry strongest ‘diamond’ lines - £180.00 - RRP £295.00

48cm Flexifoil Sky bar - very good - with 24m industry strongest ‘diamond’ lines - £150.00 - RRP £295.00

45cm Ozone Contact Bar 2014 - very good - with 20m lines - £209.00 - RRP £346.50




Nobile Flying Carpet 2015 - well used, few dents and scratches on underside - £255.00 - RRP £509.00

Used once - Nobile 50/50 2015 - 138 X 39.5 - £398.00 - RRP £569.00


Wetsuits - 30% off retail


New without tags - Mystic Majestic 5/3 Winter Suit - back zip - Navy - XL - RRP £269.95 Now £199.95  (Size XL - Height 186 - 192 cm Height (Ft & Inches) - 6' 1" - 6' 4". Chest 104 - 111 cm Chest (inches) 41" - 44". Waist 90 - 96 cm Waist (inches) 35" - 38")


New - Mystic Majestic 5/3 Winter Suit - front zip - Army Green - Medium Tall - £188.95 - RRP £269.95 (Size MT - Height 185 - 191 cm Height (Ft & Inches) - 6' 1" - 6' 3" . Chest 94 - 99 cm Chest (inches) 37" - 39". Waist 80 - 85 cm Waist (inches) 31" - 33")


New - Mystic Majestic 5/3 Winter Suit - front zip - Army Green - Large - £188.95 - RRP £269.95. (Size L - Height 182 - 188 cm Height (Ft & Inches) - 5' 11" - 6' 2" . Chest 99 - 104 cm Chest (inches) 39" - 41". Waist 85 - 90 cm Waist (inches) 33" - 35")


New - Mystic Legend 5/3 Winter Suit - front zip - Army Green - Medium Tall - £209.95 - RRP £299.95 (Size MT - Height 185 - 191 cm Height (Ft & Inches) - 6' 1" - 6' 3" . Chest 94 - 99 cm Chest (inches) 37" - 39". Waist 80 - 85 cm Waist (inches) 31" - 33")


Harnesses - 30% off retail


New - Mystic Drip Waist Harness 2015 - Blue/Yellow - Large - waist 32” - 34” inches- £73.45 - RRP £104.95

New - Mystic Majestic Waist Harness 2015 - Army Green - Medium - waist 30” - 32” inches £115.45 - RRP £164.95

New - Mystic Majestic Waist Harness 2015 - Army Green - Small - waist 28” - 30” inches  £115.45 - RRP £164.95


Bits and Pieces


New - 1.7m Flexifoil Sting four line power kite - Ruby - £105.00 - RRP £115.00

New - Set of Flexifoil kitesurfing flying lines 20m + 2.5m - 340kg - £95.00 - RRP £117.95

New other - set of two Mystic vacuum bags - bags and pump only - no external mystic packaging - £10.00 - RRP £12.95

Used once - set of two Mystic vacuum bags - logo is peeling off bag - won’t affect function - £10.00 - RRP £12.95


Ozone Catalyst V1 - The Art of Progress Catalyst V1 - The Art of Progress 

The Catalyst V1 is designed for entry level and intermediate riders – it’s a confidence inspiring, fun and easy kite to ride that will make your progression in the sport fast, safe and enjoyable.

With accessible “sheet in and go” power delivery it is easy to get up on the board and ride. An excellent wind range lets you ride comfortably in variable or gusty conditions, refined profiles help you to ride upwind, enabling you to spend more time improving your skills! The Catalyst V1 will bring a smile to your face, the predictable power and lift makes your first jumps a breeze with easy timing and smooth landings.

We took a completely new approach towards this design to create a fun filled kite for new comers to progress to becoming solid intermediate riders. The Catalyst V1 has a unique Leading Edge arc and sweep shape, combined with a simple pulley-less bridle offering you freedom and flexibility on the water.

If you manage to drop your kite in the water the re-launch of the Catalyst V1 is incredibly simple and intuitive due to the unique shape of the leading edge. By turning the bar or using the Re-launch Balls on the leader lines, the kite will easily roll over into the re-launch position ready to take off from the water.

The Catalyst V1 Release System features our proven Front Line Flag Out release, the same release system on our entire water kite range. When the Chickenloop is released the kite will flag out to one front line, immediately stopping all power delivery from the kite.

As with all Ozone products, we pride ourselves with top of the line manufacturing in our own factory using the highest quality materials. The Catalyst V1 is constructed with quality proven Teijin D2 canopy material and Teijin Dacron providing a crisp feel and a strong kite.

Ozone Kites Filmed & Edited by Trilobite Pro Violeta Martínez, David Méndez, Guillermo Sanz Thanks to Isla Canela Kite El Paradise, crew and friends, for making this video possible and for all the good vibes.

Living Social Offer - Limited Time

Everybody's going surfing, kitesurfing on the Brighton coast... or at least they will be with this deal from The Kite, Surf and SUP Co.

• Designed for complete beginners, the introductory session will teach you basic kitesurfing skills and is led by instructors who will make sure you feel comfortable and learn at your own pace.
• You'll be introduced to the kite, learn the basics of flying a kite on land, how to control the kite, how to generate power, how to launch and land the kite safely, and how to set up a water kite.

Spend and Save Voucher Codes Until Monday 4th May at Midnight

The more you spend, the more you save with our May Day Bank Holiday voucher codes. They can be used on any item in our online store including kitesurfing lesson vouchers. Offer available while stocks last and until midnight on Monday 4th May 2015. Enter the discount codes below at check out to claim your discount. 

Enter 'SAVE50' to save £50.00 when you spend £500.00
Enter 'SAVE125' to save £125.00 when you spend £1000.00
Enter 'SAVE225' to save £225.00 when you spend £1500.00
Enter 'SAVE350' to save £350.00 when you spend £2000.00

Demo Weekend. Goring Beach Green

We're excited to announce our first demo weekend which will take place next weekend on the 18th and 19th of October. Featured brands will be: Core, Flexifoil, Nobile, Ozone and Brunotti. 

The following equipment will be available to demo:

Core kiteboarding

Fusion board
Fusion LW board
Choice Wakestyle
Carve Imperator

GTS 3 Kite 2015
XR3 Kite 2015


Shiva 3D 2015
Hadlow ID

Nobile (pending their safe arrival, they are on the plane from Poland this afternoon)

T5 137
NBL 138
Flying Carpet
50 Fifty 138
2HD 134
NHP Carbon 134 
T5 Womens 134

Finally super happy to say that Ozone kites and Brunotti boards will also be joining us: 




Womens Jade
Womens Riptide
Youri Pro

Low tide is 1.20pm on the Saturday and 2.40pm on the Sunday, but it is a very high low tide, which means it should be suitable to kite not too far either side of low tide. We will be there setting up from noon on Saturday with kites available from 12.30pm and on Sunday we will be there from 10.00am. 

The wind forecast for Worthing is looking good:

The exact address and location of the event is here: 
Beach and green opposite Alinora Avenue,
West Sussex,
BN12 4NB

We look forward to seeing you there!


N.B. Rider level required to demo' equipment will be at least intermediate, so staying upwind and turning, and if it's very windy on the Saturday we reserve the option to only demo boards or to postpone the event until Sunday. If you are unsure of when to come down Sunday is looking like more moderate conditions to try all the equipment. 

20% Off All 2014 Brunotti Boards

Brunotti 2014 Twin tips: Youri Pro from £408.00, Dimension £464.00, Womens Riptide £464.00, Onyx £360.00, Womens Jade £360.00. 

Slingshot Clearance New 2014 Kites at least 20% Off

2014 Slingshot Rally 8.0m Yellow and Blue, RRP £875.00, now kite only £700.00, complete £850.00, photos here: 

2014 Slingshot Rally 8.0m Fluo Green and Blue, RRP £875.00, now kite only £700.00, complete £850.00, photos here: 

2014 Slingshot Rally 7.0m Grey and White, RRP £849.00, now kite only £679.00, complete £829.00, photos here:

3 X Slingshot Comp Stick 17 Inch Bar and 20m lines, RRP £350, now £250.00, with kite £150.00 photos here:

Call: 01273 410580 or 07958 668574 or email: