Get Kitesurfing Newsletter 14

Get Kitesurfing Newsletter 14

Easter Weekend is looking great for kitesurfing! We can't wait to get some more awesome kitesurfing lessons in! The schedule is below, but as ever get in touch if you can't see the type, date or time of lesson that you are looking for. Book in soon to avoid disappointment, we are always busier on weekends. 
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Top Tips
We're going to be including a helpful tip in every future newsletter. The second one, is one we always get asked about and is a useful addition to your skill set for launching and landing. Please note that self launching and landing should never be used in preference to assisted launching and landing, assisted launching and landing is much safer. 
Tip 2. Self Launch and Landing From a Post

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Equipment Required: An extra normal (at least 65cm) length leash 

This is an intermediate level skill to self launch and land your kite from a fixed point. The principal of it is much like when you swapped on to a kite from your instructor in your kite lesson. The kite is at the side of the window depowered, you swap on to the chicken loop, that is clipped on to the second leash, gently pilot the kite around the side of the window to 2 O'Clock or 10 O' Clock (depending which side the water is to you) and away you go. Full details below. 

Use a fixed point, such as post, and a second leash with a leash hook. Set your kite up in the usual way, lying your lines out downwind. Wrap your second leash around the post, so that it holds firm and you have access to the hook. Now pick up your bar and walk it around to the post and second leash, leaving the kite on the side of the window nearest the water, flat on the beach, secured with a weight. Hook the second leash on to your chicken loop, this will take the strain of the kite via the centre lines later when you have sat the kite up at the side of the window. Walk around to your kite and sit the kite up at the side of the window at either 3 O' Clock or 9 O' Clock, the side nearest the water. Go back to the chicken loop and swap on to your kite by leashing on in the normal way to the safety leash ring first. Then put the chicken loop on to your harness hook, leave the kite resting on the beach at the side of the wind window, then remove the second leash clip from the chicken loop, meaning that you now have full control of the kite (before the second leash clip was taking the strain). Slowly pilot the kite up off the beach from 3 O' Clock to 2 O' Clock or on the other side 9 O' Clock to 10 O' Clock. Walk in to the water flying your kite at the edge of the wind window in the usual way. 

Reverse the procedure to land. Bring kite side of window 3 O' Clock or 10 O' Clock, but don't land it yet. Line yourself up with the second leash, clip second leash on to chicken loop and then land kite to the beach slowly and unhook yourself from the chicken loop. The second leash takes the tension of the kite through the centre lines. Walk around and land your kite to beach.

We believe this self launch and landing technique is reliable and safe compared with other methods that do not use a fixed point. Please note it is ALWAYS preferable to have another kiter launch and land you because it is safer. This is however a useful skill to know if you do ever decide to kite on your own, or you get left last at the beach and everyone has gone. 

Instructors Christine or Giorgio could show you this skill in a half hour 1:1 lesson for £30.00. Contact us to book. 
Zero to Hero Course, Rock, Cornwall
We are going to be in Rock, Cornwall from the 6 - 12th April. If conditions are suitable it will be possible to complete your Zero to Hero course with us in one week in Cornwall. Buy using the button below or contact us for further details. 
Zero to Hero Course
Starter Kite Package

Our most popular starter set of equipment to buy last year was the incredibly good value Ozone Catalyst V1 and Axis Liberty board Kitesurfing package. We can only offer such a fantastic price due to the support of the importers, you won't find this price anywhere else in the UK. 


Peter Lynn Hype Two Line Kitesurf Trainer Kite

This was our best selling trainer kite in 2017 by a long way. The reason is it's incredibly good value for money. The 1.6m is just £86.00. See below for suggested sizes and weights:

1.6m - up to 65kg - £86.00
1.9m - up to 75kg - £103.00 
2.3m - up to 85 kg - £119.00 
2.6m - more than 85kg - £145.00 
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