Core Kiteboarding 2015

The KiTE, SURF & SUP Co. are proud to announce that they have just added Core Kiteboarding to their range of kitesurfing equipment. Core Kiteboarding are extremely popular in Germany and we know how good German engineering is, so we have high hopes for the design and quality of the new Core products. Please find below some review from around the world on the latest Core models:


REAL Watersports of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, put together two video reviews of both, the Imperator V board and the GTS3 kitesurfing kite.

Matt Nuzzo, one of the co-founders of REAL, enthuses about the unbelievable performance and the endless control of the Imperator. The video rates the board as "the best twin-tip you've ever ridden in your life". We thoroughly agree!

Reviewing the GTS3, he stresses its amazing bar feel, the huge range, and its easy relaunch. All whilst maintaining the signature CORE quality. Overall, the GTS3 is described as a kite to push the limits with.

Similarly, German Gleiten.TV, a video review platform fully centred on kiteboarding, recently did a review of the GTS3. Its agility, ultra-high flying speed and great kiteloop performance are lauded. Furthermore, emphasis is made on its fabulous performance in both, Wave and Wakestyle. As the well-rounded kite it is, the GTS3 receives a thorough endorsement.

If you want any further information on Core Kiteboarding products check out out online store for Core Kites. Or give us a call on 01273 410580 and we'll be happy to advise. 


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